If you are a developer in the field of Social Networking, you may have already noticed that is built upon the open-source Elgg platform. Elgg, it's developers, and the open-source community have been invaluable to the development of and we would like to hereby thank it's developers, the open-source community and curverider for their contributions to social networking. If you haven't heard of elgg or it's affiliates before, please check out their website at

Disclaimer: Elgg has no direct affiliation with The base elgg engine and all code distributed with the underlying elgg engine is licensed under the GNU Public License version 2 ( and is available for download at
Note to Developers:
At this current time we are not officially accepting any third party development. However, if you have in mind a plugin or "nugget" that you think would make a great edition to please let us know. If you really want to get your hands dirty developing a plugin or "nugget" yourself you can look into elgg widget development at as our engine is closely related. For more information on development, future development suggestions, bug reports or technical inquiries please email