Am I high?

Well, honestly, that's not really a question I can answer for you. You could be, but I wouldn't know. What I can tell you is that you are not mistaken, you have stumbled upon the fastest growing social network built around a common interest: marijuana. Yup, I'm serious. I'm serious because marijuana is the most widely known, commonly used, most harmless herbal substance known to man. That fact alone makes more than just an amusement (although it does make a great conversation piece) it makes for a very large underground social network. is a place where people with a common interest can join together and socialize free from the admonishing views of those who can't see past the conservative "drug" propaganda fed to them their whole lives. Let's face it, marijuana is harmless, hell it's even medicinal in certain situations. Yet somehow, certain individuals still seek to preserve the dissinformation and criminalize a naturally existing herb. That's where facebake comes in. With facebake, there is now a place where free-minds can join together, communicate openly, and revel in our numbers. And believe me, our numbers are much larger than your parents ever informed you.

So whether you're high or not, come on in, light up a spliff, take a deep puff of that stinky cheeba and come "facebake" with us. I mean why not? Everyone's doing it.

Welcome to facebake.

- Mike Jones
  Founder of